Ready to register your organization account on to get access to the US Government Grants? Even though the registration process is pretty straightforward, there are a few tips that you must keep in mind. Let’s check them out one by one.

Get Your DUNS Number

Getting your DUNS number or ‘Data Universal Number System’ number is the very first step in the procedure. Your DUNS number is a nine-character unique number that is used for identifying your organization. The DUNS number is used by the federal government for tracking the allocation of federal money.

Before you register your DUNS number, make sure that you check if your organization already has one. Most of the major organizations, colleges, libraries, and universities have already registered their DUNS number and therefore it’s always worth it to check with your financial department, grant administrator, authorizing official, or chief financial officer to find out the DUNS number of your organization.

If not already registered, call 1-866-705-5711 for new registration. The registration will be completely free and you must not pay anything for getting your DUNS number.

Register With SAM

Before you could be able to register your organization with, you will have to register with SAM or System for Award Management. Ensure that all the details you provide in SAM are up-to-date and accurate because it can affect your application process. When applying for the US government grants, the runs a thorough check for validating your information. It is important that your provided information at matches with the data in SAM for the process to continue forward. Your application will get rejected in case if any data inconsistencies are found.

Subscribe To Alerts and Monthly Newsletter

It is always a good idea to subscribe to alerts and the monthly newsletter while registering your organization at The alerts are sent out whenever critical system-related messages have to be dispatched. You won’t miss any important message if you have subscribed to the alerts.

The newsletter is circulated once every month and it contains some helpful links and information that will help you secure future grants. So, a subscription is always worth it.

Learn Grant Acronyms and Terms

It is important to learn grant acronyms and terms before you register your organization with It will help you in providing appropriate information as well as securing grants at a later stage. Terms like AOR and EBiz POC are specifically used with and you should know what they mean. AOR, for instance, stands for Authorized Organization Representative and it refers to the individual submitting the grant application.

Start Your Registration As Early As You Can

Yes, that’s very important. It may take you a few weeks to complete the registration process, especially when you don’t have the pre-requisite data for your company registration. So, it is advised that you start your registration process early so that you may not end up missing the grant deadline.

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to register your organization with without any trouble. So start now! To learn more about this, please visit here: